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Welcome to the exciting world of literary fiction or, in my case, historical fiction. This website will introduce you to my books and give you an insight into the life of their author. You are cordially invited to participate by visiting the contact page.


I live in an extremely rural area of France, the seclusion and tranquility of which is conducive towards my passion for writing. Furthermore, this region is rich in the history of the country's occupation during the Second World War, affording me a wealth of memories and incidents on which to base my novels. In fact, I find researching takes up more of my time than writing. There is an abundance of sites to visit but sadly, many of those who experienced the occupation are slipping away with the passing of time.


Alongside are five examples of my novels,  four of which have already been published.

'Without Yesterday: Mona's War' : became available in the autumn of 2015.


'The Housekeeper' will be published in 2017

















Enjoy your visit, check out all my novels and, if you require further information, do not hesitate to use the contact form. Your opinions and comments will be extremely welcome to this lonely writer at his keyboard.


James R. Vance

P.S.  Check out the launch trailer of

       'Something Old, Something New'

*  Read Chapter 1 on Books Page





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Some of the locations visited during the course of research for my novels:

Resistance Museum, Limoges

Drop zone in Creuse, Limousin

Maquis Memorial, Droux, Haute Vienne

Le Dorat-Bussière road, Haute Vienne

The Ruins of La Perrière, Haute Vienne

Ruined Chapel, Mont Gargan, Creuse

Memorial, Droux, Haute Vienne

Cenotaph, Oradour-Saint-Genest

Limoges Prison

Oradour-sur-Glane after 10 June 1944

Drop zone, Limousin

F.T.P.F. Memorial on R145 near Bellac

La Caserne, Magnac Laval

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